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Looking for guidance on team organization

Nov 9, 2010 at 11:34 PM

Hi all,
I think this guide is a very good idea and contains very valuable informations. Thanks for this.

I would like to find in this guide additional information related to the best practices for organizing the development team and development processes. I am currently involved in a maintenance project where we are at least 2 developers who have to make changes in a DB. Then, some questions :
* Do I develop directly on the development DB and then update the DB project or do I develop in the DB Project and then push the code into the development DB ?
* Should we have one local DB per developer, and if yes, how could we quickly update our local DB after getting the latest version in the project DB ?
* In case I have to work on 2 releases, am I supposed to have 2 database instances, or would you suggest smarter solutions ? In case I have several databases, how to nicely manage the fact the connection string needs to be updated in the application (but this change may not necessarily be sent to source control) ?

Having guidance on these kind of questions, what works, what does, not would help in not trying thinks which are known to work badly, and I think would solve lots of day-to-day problems.
Thanks a lot,