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update for SSDT

Jun 21, 2012 at 8:34 AM


Do you plan an update of the guide for SSDT?

Jun 21, 2012 at 8:57 PM

Yes, there are plans. We´ll keep the community informed about the planning and eventually the schedule as soon as we have the information.


Dec 11, 2012 at 10:17 PM

I would love to hear of any progress in this area. I have been looking at deploying VS database projects in our team, but now that VS 2012 only supports SSDT functionality I'm not sure if it is the right time to do so or not.

Are you waiting on some additional functionality being added into SSDT (like unit tests)?

Apr 19, 2013 at 9:33 AM
Any news?
When will there be an update?